Monday, June 15, 2009

More of Neal's Wood Shop Skills

The last few weeks of school, Neal had been working on building a toy chest for me (a place I can store the toys I have for when the nieces and nephews come visit me). Due to various activities (like Senior Ditch Day!) and the fact that his teacher had Neal helping other students finish their projects, he did not have the chance to get it finished. In fact, Neal went up to the school the morning of graduation to finish building it. I brought it home with me and put a natural stain on to finish it up. I enjoyed the opportunity to finish the project, because it brought back memories of wood shop in my high school years. Neal, you have an amazing talent!!! I know I as well as the rest of us have enjoyed your wood shop projects over the years.



1 comment:

Neal said...

well to tell you the truth.. On senior ditch day, that was all i worked on was these chests!! So Senior ditch day was fun for me!