Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Madness - Bicycle Style!!!

In the month of March, the local bike club puts on "March Madness". The Davis Bike Club donates one penny per mile ridden by each participant and applies that amount towards bicycle helmets for school age children (click here for the full details).
Since this was my first time signing up, I pledged to ride 250 miles, to see how I would do. Due to poor weather this month as well as being busy with work I did not reach my goal. In fact, up until Monday, I only had 50 miles. I knew at that point I would not reach 250 miles, but I still wanted to get in as many miles as possible in hopes that I can help as many children as I can. So, between Monday and today (Thursday) I rode 120 miles! Thanks to the cool GPS watch mom and dad gave me for Christmas, I am able to see on a map exactly where I have been! I have included a map of each day of my rides this week.
I also got a VERY SMALL glimpse at what my 100 mile ride will be like in October, and you know what? ... I do believe I can do the full 100 miles!!!

30 Miles (to Winters and back)

30 Miles (to Woodland, around some of Woodland and Back)

20 Miles (just some country riding - it was windy and I wimped out!)

40 Miles (to Winters, then back taking a long way around!)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Smith Girls Weekend 2011

This last weekend we had our annual Smith Girls Weekend. All the Smith ladies 12 and older attend this wonderful event. This year, everyone came to my place! The event started Thursday evening with Pizza then wonderful crepes from Crepeville. On Friday we all boarded Amtrak and rode the train (switching to bus for the last little bit) to San Francisco. We spent a great day eating, touring, walking, eating etc. Saturday we went to the Davis Farmers Market, then wandered around several of the cute shops in Davis. In the afternoon we held a baby shower for Melissa. We also took a field trip to Trader Joes and to World Market. For dinner we ate at Thai Recipes (which for some was their first experience with Thai food!). On Sunday morning most left for the trip home. Matti and Brenda had a later flight, so we went to Winters for breakfast at Putah Creek Cafe. I had a great weekend and I so grateful that everyone was so willing to come out here, since I was not quite ready to leave my new business for a full weekend! Thank you ladies for a GREAT time!!!

San Francisco:

Davis Farmers Market:

Baby Shower: