Friday, October 31, 2008

Our Most Recent Funeral

Just kidding!!!! Hannah is having a Halloween Party tonight here at the funeral home. She and her friends started decorating last night. This will be in the front of our chapel. Good times for all!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I have been tagged by Melissa and Marie. For several of these, I do not have 8 things to share, but I will share what I have.

8 Shows I love to watch.
*CSi - All 3 of them (Las Vegas, Miami and New York)
*The Unit
*My Own Worst Enemy (New show on NBC)
*Amazing Race

8 Favorite restaurants
*Crepeville (a local place - come for a visit and we will be sure to go!)
*Caffe Italia (another local place)

8 Things that happened yesterday
*Typed,printed and folded memorial folders
*Drove to Sacramento to pick up a casket (for Halloween props this year!)
*Got van washed
*Microwaved dinner (I don't COOK dinner!)
*Watched some of the above listed shows
*Finished a great book ("No Place Like Home" by Mary Higgens Clark)

8 Things I look forward to
*Being with family for Thanksgiving
*The rainy season (we are desperate need of the rain)
*Girls Night Out
*Twilight Movie (coming soon)

8 Things I love about fall
*Fall colors
*Cooler nights (believe it or not, I do sleep better when it is cooler)
*Using my electric blanket (contrary to popular belief, I do NOT use it during the summer)

8 Things on my wish list
*Pay off shoulder surgery
*Pay off car
*Pay off Student Loan
*Get in better shape

8 People I tag
*Andra Batisti
*Ixchelle (sorry, you left a comment at just the wrong, or maybe, right time!)
*Deb Spilsbury

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Great Halloween Web-Site

I know it is a little late for Halloween this year, but this is a fun web-site to look at anytime of the year. It is
I hope you all enjoy!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Haley Trip to Arizona - May 2001

In May of 2001 the Haley family traveled to Arizona for a visit. This was before Samantha was born (they made another trip a couple years later and I will post that at another time). During their visit, we went to Mexico and got a few cheap gifts for the kids, did some swimming and also drove over to Tombstone (about 20 minutes from Sierra Vista). We went to watch one of the gun-fight shows. Once Veronica realized what they were going to do, she did not like that idea at all. We tried to explain to her that it was just pretend, but she still did not want anyone fighting or shooting, even if they were pretending! We were able to stay and watch the show, then took the kids down to meet a couple of the actors. We had a great time, as I always do when family comes for a visit!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Leaving the Tennesee Knoxville Mission and Returning Home

You are all probably tired of the mission posts and this is the last post regarding my mission. On June 11, 1998 I along with the other missionaries who were going home arrived at the Mission Home in the afternoon. We had dinner there with President and Sister Benson. In the morning of June 12th we went to the airport in Knoxville and flew to our various destinations. Brenda had just graduated from the LDS Business College, so I flew into the Salt Lake City Airport. Here are some photos from the Mission Home, Knoxville Airport and Salt Lake Airport.

In the Knoxville, Tennessee Airport, getting ready to fly home.

Arriving in the Salt Lake City Airport and greeting family and friends.

Shortly after getting back, Neal and I dug out the old cherry tree.