Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I have been tagged by Melissa and Marie. For several of these, I do not have 8 things to share, but I will share what I have.

8 Shows I love to watch.
*CSi - All 3 of them (Las Vegas, Miami and New York)
*The Unit
*My Own Worst Enemy (New show on NBC)
*Amazing Race

8 Favorite restaurants
*Crepeville (a local place - come for a visit and we will be sure to go!)
*Caffe Italia (another local place)

8 Things that happened yesterday
*Typed,printed and folded memorial folders
*Drove to Sacramento to pick up a casket (for Halloween props this year!)
*Got van washed
*Microwaved dinner (I don't COOK dinner!)
*Watched some of the above listed shows
*Finished a great book ("No Place Like Home" by Mary Higgens Clark)

8 Things I look forward to
*Being with family for Thanksgiving
*The rainy season (we are desperate need of the rain)
*Girls Night Out
*Twilight Movie (coming soon)

8 Things I love about fall
*Fall colors
*Cooler nights (believe it or not, I do sleep better when it is cooler)
*Using my electric blanket (contrary to popular belief, I do NOT use it during the summer)

8 Things on my wish list
*Pay off shoulder surgery
*Pay off car
*Pay off Student Loan
*Get in better shape

8 People I tag
*Andra Batisti
*Ixchelle (sorry, you left a comment at just the wrong, or maybe, right time!)
*Deb Spilsbury


Andra said...

Okay, Vera. I'll give it a go. Just hearing your list of restaurants got me all hungry, though. I'll have to do it after a snack.

Blogging with Deb said...

I am computer illiterate and you know it! So explain how I do this!