Tuesday, June 13, 2017

2016 Overview

2016 was busy and full of fun.  Here is an overview of the some of the things my mom and I did:

  I love to go the bank.  I have great friends and get lots of treats!

 My friend, Riely, and love to have playtime.  This was at their house during a rainy day.

 I don't like it when my mom puts on her suit.  It usually means she is going on a funeral and I have to stay home alone for a little while.  This is me not willing to give kisses or even look at her.

 When it is sunny out, I love to lay in the front yard and scratch my back on the artificial lawns.

 Evening snuggle time.

 Riley's mom, Kathleen holding me.  Riley is waiting to pounce me because her mom is holding me.

 My friend, Oliver, and me.

 Looking at Putah Creek in Winters.

 When Aunt Weezy spends the night, we get to go on an evening walk.  The girls are older and can't walk very far so we take the stroller.  I sometimes to like to get in and ride with them.

 When mom is working getting ready for a funeral, I like to lay in the foyer and watch.

 Running in Aunt Weezy's field.

 Pack walk with Roxy "Roo" and Loodle.

 Kisses for Aunt Weezy.

 Inspecting the flower before a service.

 More stroller riding!

 In June, Aunt Weezy and Uncle Greg got a new puppy.  Gator and I became friends really fast!

 Inspecting more flowers.

 Playing in Aunt Weezy's field with Gator.
 Gator loves the water and I don't.  I was trying to get Gator out of the pool!

 More time at Putah Creek in Winters.

 We took an overnight trip to Reno, NV and walked around the marina in Sparks.

 Mom took me on a hike to Hidden Falls near Auburn.  We had a great time hiking around for a few hours.

 In September, we participated in the "Doggy Dash".  I'm not a big fan of the medal around my neck.

 More Gator playtime.

 My favorite place when it is cold.  I will lay in front of the heater for hours!

 Mom made a donation to the SPCA.  She then turned in the receipts to Pet Food Express and they send someone to take my photo.  They then printed a poster and it is on display in their Davis store.

 Gator is getting bigger and stronger but we still have fun.

 Snuggle time with Roo.

 The full pack watching mom and Aunt Weezy work.

 I have a couple problems with my back legs so mom got me into acupuncture and laser therapy.  The goggles are to protect my eyes during laser therapy.

 For Halloween, the bank dressed up as The Wizard of Oz characters.  They asked me to come in take pictures as their Toto.

 Gator is even bigger and faster, but we still play hard and good together!

 I often like to find various items while we walk and carry them back home.

 On one rainy day, mom decided we would go out in the rain.  She put  a raincoat on me, but I wasn't impressed.

 This is my friend Gary.  He is groundskeeper on UCD campus.  He always has treats for me and will save stuff he thinks I will like to use as a toy!

 My picture with Santa.

 Christmas time at the bank.

 More time with Gator.

 I rode with Aunt Weezy but when when we got home and I saw mom, I couldn't get out the car fast enough.

 A walk through the arboretum with Gator and mom.

Aunt Weezy blow-drying my hair after getting a bath!

Friday, December 25, 2015

April Trip - Stop #3 - Northern Utah

Our second stop was to visit Alma, Matti, Bella Oliver and Nora (even though Nora only liked from a distance or her parents arms!).  We ran in their back year, played tug, watched Oliver's baseball game and visited the food trucks.  We also took an evening to go visit Jeanette, Jeff, Brooklyn, Emmalyn and Camile.