Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Minnestoa Twins Game

Today I had the opportunity to go to Oakland and watch the Twins play against the A's. Unfortantly, the Twins lost BIG TIME (16-1), but I had SO MUCH FUN!!! They had one dollar hotdogs today and I at 8, yes that is right, EIGHT of them! Here are a few the pictures I took.

The Twins warming up before the game.

Justin Morneau touching home plate after his home run in the first inning. To bad it was their only run of the game.

The Twins making a double play.

This is so I don't hear - "Why is there no picture of you?"!!!!

The ball field.

The A's coach arguing a call - and THEY were up by at least 12 runs!

The A's mascot.


The Roberts' said...

Looks like you had a great time! I love the background to match your post! Very nicely done!

CORMELS said...

Awesome Vera! I am so glad you got to go. Hot dogs at the stands are the best!

Shoecrazy said...

Good for you, but the whole hot dog idea (8) is killing my stomach!! Thanks for having one for me!! You need to adventure out more often!