Saturday, February 14, 2015

Some Activities I Enjoy!

 Playing with my Aunt Wheezy.

 Seeing the ducks at the Arboretum.

 Begging for a piece of banana.

 Sun bathing.

 Roxy and me waiting for our moms to finish working downstairs.

 Resting with Roxy and Bear.

 Chilling in the shade with Bear and Roxy.

 Getting hugs from Aunt Wheezy.

 Just being cute!

 Watching our moms work in the yard.

 Inspecting the flowers before a funeral.

 LOVE laying by the heater.

 Saying hi to Mitty Kitty.

 Giving Aunt Wheezy kisses!

 I LOVE running in Aunt Wheezy and Uncle Greg's pasture!

 Hopping Aunt Wheezy drops some food!

Riding in Target!

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