Monday, June 4, 2012

3 1/2 in 2?

What have I done the last two months (well technically 7 weeks)? Besides working and building some teeter totters for family and friends, I have completed three full centery (100 mile) bike rides and a half-century ride. Here is a quick rundown of the rides.

TOUR DE ST. GEORGE - April 14 2012
The group of riders at the start line.

Beautiful scenery (and a good look at the clouds that dumped quite a bit of rain on us).

Crossing the finish line

The group of riders after we all finished.

RIDE FRIEDREICH'S ATAXIA - May 5, 2012. This was a 1/2 Century was a fundraising ride. It began and ended in Davis. It was so extremely windy that day, that I could barely keep my bike on the road, let alone try to take pictures!

EYE-Q CLASSIC - May 19, 2012
Our escort through town and down the freeway!

Riding down the freeway.


Lunch stop (yes at the entrance of a cemetery!)

Google Earth image of the route.

At the start line and excited to get started!

We had beautiful scenery all day long!

Crossing into Idaho.

Back into Utah.

Google Earth Image of the route.

Just after we crossed the finish line and with our cheering squad!

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