Sunday, October 16, 2011

Foxy's Fall Century

Yesterday, was the "Foxy's Fall Century". It is a bike ride and participants have the choice to ride either 30, 62, or 100 miles. My dad and each rode the full 100 miles! My friend, Jill, offered to drive my mom around the course to take pictures and cheer us on. We finished in a total time of 8 hours, 28 minutes and a ride time of 7 hours, 7 minutes! It was a beautiful day for a bike ride and we all had a great time!
Here are some of the pictures taken throughout the ride.

25 miles in - pulling into the first rest stop!

Pulling into the water stop.

Finally - after 50 miles of riding, it is lunch time!

Getting ready to climb back on the bikes after lunch.

Climbing "Cardiac Hill". Yes, that really is the name of it - AND it is aptly named!!!

Oh, the blessed descent!!!

Lake Berryessa.

Pulling into the final rest stop.

A professional photographer set up his equipment along the course. These are the two I ordered.

Lake Solano.

The bike statue (between Winters and Davis).

Pulling into the finish line!