Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weekend with the Picanco's

YES, I know this is way over-due - no excuses, just haven't sat down to do it till now!
The weekend of June 24th - 28th, I had the opportunity to go to Boise, Idaho to visit Brenda, Andrew and their three boys. I arrived on Thursday afternoon and was able to enjoy time with them until Monday. The pictures show a lot of what they did (they are not in any particular order). Most are of me with the kids. I had a great time and want to thank Brenda and Andrew for their wonderful hospitality!!!

Bauer and I (Keagan asked to use my camera to take a picture of us, so I let him!).

One night I got out my computer to play some music, and Keagan and Deker got their computers out to be like me!!!

Aunt Vera with Emmalyn and Brooklyn (Jeanette and Jeff's twins).

Bauer taking a nap in Aunt Vera's arms :)

Bauer giving big smiles to Aunt Vera!!!

The Picanco Family on the morning of the Baby Blessing.

Bauer's Blessing outfit. Brenda made his tie (as well as her skirt and the boys' ties [including Andrew's]) and my mom made the pants, shirt and vest.

Yummy stuffed jalapeno peppers. Click here for the Recipe

Keagan and I in our go-car ready to get moving!!!

Keagan and I riding in the go-cart.

Reading to all my Picanco Nephews!

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Shoecrazy said...

Those lucky nieces and nephews!Did you make the poppers? they look so much neater than mine do. They are so YUMMY!