Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chirstmas 2009

This year for Christmas I spent the week at my parents home. I flew in on Saturday the 19th. Our entire family was together on Saturday night, when we opened our gifts from each other (the siblings had drawn names earlier in the year as well as the cousins). We currently have 27 people in our family with 2 on the way, which makes for quite a full house. On Sunday we had a wonderful Christmas dinner. After which, the girls escaped and threw a small baby shower for Melissa, who is due with-in the next couple weeks. We then went back for dessert.

We had a family photo taken after church on Sunday. As you can see, all the kids were tired and hungry, but the important thing is we were able to get a photo with everyone in it!

For my parents Christmas, my siblings and I gave them a gift certificate to a bed-and-breakfast in Palmyra, New York along with a gift certificate to a restaurant in the area. As you can see, they were pleased with our choice!

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