Saturday, August 29, 2009

This time I took pictures!!!

I rode my bike to Winters again today. I made the 17 1/2 mile trip about 15 minutes quicker than I did last time. On my way back I took some pictures. Unfortunately, about 7 miles in by trip back, I hit a puncture vine patch and both tires went flat. I had to call the Wiscombe's to come get me ( a BIG thank you to them)! It was a good trip while it lasted. At least I got over there and had a wonderful breakfast at Putah Creek Cafe!!! The pictures are of different areas of my bike ride (the first is of my ride between work and home - the rest are of the ride to and from Winters). There are a lot farms with various crops, a few of which are almond trees. An absolutely beautiful ride.


Malma said...

It looks GORGEOUS!

The Haley Family said...

Send the almonds in a small unmarked box with only my name on it.