Sunday, August 24, 2008

North Knoxville

My second area was North Knoxville. My first companion here was Sister Millier. She was my companion until May 22, when Sister Lafferty was transferred in to be my new companion. I was in North Knox from March 27 to June 18, 1997.

Our apartment and car (our apartment was on the top floor).

Sister Millier and me in front of one of the yards along the "Dogwood Trail".

This is the Isom family. Sister Isom was the Relief Society President. She and her family fed the missionaries often. She also helped the sisters in any way she could.

Kelly Langtimm is another member who help us out often.

This is a place called "Top of Knox." Knoxville is in the back-ground.

Check out the street sign!

Sister Lafferty's family sent us 4th of July decorations!

Due to my chosen profession, I visited a funeral home for a tour. I saw this casket and have not forgotten it. For some reason, I did not take a photo of it, but I found one online to share with you. I know how dedicated the Tennessee Vols fans are and truly believe this casket was purchased by more than one family!

The last of the photos in this blog will be from the "Dogwood Trail" For more information on the Dogwood Trail in this area, go to

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The Spilsbury's said...

Vera: I have enjoyed the pictures you have been blogging. Keep doing it!!
Tennessee is a beautiful place. Not too sure on the casket picture but enjoyed the others!!! Check out my blog. We have new grandson in Sierra Vista!!! Deb