Thursday, July 24, 2008

Christmas 2004 - in Arizona

I got to looking through my photos and found some of when mom, dad and Neal helped Jeanette move to Arizona so she could stay with me for a little while. The move occurred during Christmas break. Neal had fun swimming on Christmas Day and, as the story goes, he enjoyed bragging about it to his friends when he returned to school. You will have verify that with Neal! During that vacation, we also went to the little town of Bisbee and took a tour of an old copper mine, which we all enjoyed.

The website for this mine is: If you ever happen to be in that area, I recommend this as a place to visit.

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The Spilsbury's said...

I think Sierra Vista, AZ is the best kept secret in the state! I loved it when I lived there. Would go back if I could.........and you?