Thursday, June 26, 2008

Road Trip

On occasion I have the opportunity to take a business trip to Southern California. I took one of these trips this week. I drove down to San Diego on Monday and drove back on Tuesday. I enjoy taking these trips, with one exception, TRAFFIC. I think the LA area has some of the worst traffic ever. This is what it felt like (as I could not take a photo while in the driver's seat).

After enduring LA traffic, I continued on to San Diego. During the last little bit of the drive, I paralleled the Pacific Ocean. I found a scenic pull off and took a few pictures. I did not take my camera, but I did use the camera on my cell phone. The quality of the pictures are not great, but here a some I did take with my phone. I felt this was the perfect relief after the stress of bumper-to-bumper traffic.

The sun was setting and this was taken looking into the sunset.

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The Spilsbury's said...

How I remember that traffic!!! Yuk!! So glad to left it to go to Sierra Vista but now find myself back in the traffic of PHX/MESA. Not as bad as Southern Calif. but pretty close!