Saturday, March 8, 2008

What Not to Wear

A couple weeks ago I asked sue for advise on some new work clothes. Next thing I knew we were on a shopping spree!!! I had a great time and believe it or not, Sue was not completely frustrated after spending a day shopping with ME!
Here is a sample of a few of the outfits we picked out.


The Spilsbury's said...

Looking mighty fine there Vera!!!
Why didn't we ever go shopping???
Sure miss you!!! Come visit sometime!!!

Shoecrazy said...

I must say Vera was alot of fun to shop with!! I couldn't say that not so many years ago! Youv'e come a long way baby!! Any time you are up for a shopping trip-so am I! The real shock was that you hardly batted and eye when I suggested some cute necklaces! I am so proud! She looks great!!